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Step Ladders

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Our range of Step Ladders are an essential addition to your workplace. They consist of both aluminium, fiberglass, platform and swingback ladder variations to help enable you to work safely at height.

We offer various ladder sizes, ranging from a small 2 tread ladder up to a large 12 tread step ladder. Tall step ladders allow for greater working heights and are best suited to industrial and trade use. A lower tread quanity is ideal for more casual use around offices and in domestic areas for DIY.

Although ladder height is an important factor, there are a number of other features that will help determine the right product for your workplace. These features include accessories such as tool trays, standing platforms, ergonomic handles, high handrails and much more. Choosing the ladder type is also an important decision as we offer both swingback step ladders and platform step ladders. A swingback ladder allows for more treads for an increased standing height and a platform step offers a larger area to work from in comfort. Both variations are popular trade quality solutions designed for daily use but are equally as suitable for occasional domestic and DIY use around the home.

Aluminium or Fibreglass?

Both Fibreglass step ladders and Aluminium step ladders work as general workhorses but reach their full potential in different work environments.

Aluminium step ladders make up most of our range and are our most popular option. Aluminium is a popular material that consistently performs to industry standards, ideal for general most work as they are easy to operate and transport. They are great for daily trade use and more casual domestic use.

Fibreglass step ladders  are always growing in popularity. They are popular with electricians because fiberglass is non-conductive. This makes them an ideal solution for working regularly around electrical hazards. They are not purely for use by electricians. Non-conductive properties are a handy addition to have in all industrial environments. Fibreglass is more lightweight than aluminium and very easy to transport, this also means that it is a more costly solution.

Step Ladder Safety

The safety of the user is the most important consideration when working at height. Look out for the safety standards on our step and platform step ladders to find a ladder that meets the requirements of your work. Most of our step ladders range conform to Class 1 or EN131 meaning they are suitable for trade use. The inclusion of features such as high handrails, non-slip treads and more also offers more safety and security whilst they are in use.