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16 Items

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Our Warehouse Steps are designed to make sure your workplace can run smoothly and effectively.

We have steps for every warehouse or stockroom size, ideal for safely carrying out maintenance, picking stock and getting to those hard to reach spots all around the workplace.

You’ll find we offer many different tread options, with heights ranging between two treads all the way up to eighteen and much more.

Warehouse Step features

Mobile Steps

Many of the products we offer here use high quality castors to make them mobile. Fixed castors are a cost effective solution but might move on some gradients and shiny floors. Heavy duty, spring loaded castors are a useful solution to this. These castors lower when a weight is applied, rising again when the user steps off to make the steps mobile again. This function prevents “surfing” as the steps will not move once weight is applied. The steel guard dome that surrounds each castor turns into a stabilising foot when retracted and also prevents damage.

Safe Working at Height

Safety is the main concern when working at height. Handrails are often used on warehouse steps to form a barrier to keep users secure. Handrails allow the users to maintain three points of contact with the mobile steps at all times improving their safety. Large work platforms also ensure safety when working at height. The space they offer is ideal for unloading directly from a lorry without a lowering platform and performing maintenance work in comfort. These platforms give warehouse steps the advantage over traditional ladders allowing less restricted work at height for extended periods of time.

Tread Material

The best tread type for your mobile steps comes down to the environment you work in, you choice of footwear and the items being handled. Steel mesh treads have anti-slip properties when used with industrial footwear as the shoes can grip the mesh for stable footing. Rubber treads are often the most stable and reliable choice for mobile steps. Their anti-slip surface is uninterrupted across the whole step which offers the most grip.

Certified Mobile Warehouse Steps

EN131 is a ladder classification that applies to access equipment with a maximum load capacity of 150kg. This includes the weight of the person and the items they are picking. This certification idicates that the product is suitable for trade and industrial use.

Some of our Mobile Steps meet the requirements for EN or Class 1 certification for industrial and trade use. To aquire these certifications the maximum load allowance and overall quality is thoroughly tested to make sure it is more than adequate.