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Tipping Skips at Workplace Products

Workplace products have dealt with tipping skips for over 50 years, meaning that we offer expert advice and help when it comes to all different varieties of tipping skips. We have options for all businesses, if you have a forklift truck available at your place of work, buying from our self-tipping skip range is the best solution for waste management.

Our tipper skips comply with all health and safety regulations. This therefore means that customers can be assured that no damage will be done while using our skips. In addition, this means that they can deal with any demands of any intense working environments. Industries include building and construction sites to name a few.

Tipping skips are one of the most useful ways to control large amounts of waste. At Workplace Products our skips are manufactured with extra precision and are fully tested and CE Marked. This therefore ensures customers that any material handling tasks with become easy and therefore improve efficiency within the workplace.

Types of Tipping Skips

We offer a wide variety of different tipping skips. Firstly, forklift self tipping skips are designed to work with the least amount of effort from the operator. They are highly effective for moving waste around workplaces and are extremely simple to use. This therefore increases workflow on a day to day basis. Our range of forklift tipping skips has a load capacity of 1500kg and contains fork sleeves for the best and secure tipping of waste.

Next, we offer our manual tipping skips. These are perfect for tipping at lower levels as they contain a load capacity of just 300kg. Our range includes made in the UK manual tipping skips which contain a variety of different load capacities ranging from 350L to 1100L. Manual tipping skips ensure that minimum effort is undertaken from the operator. All that the user needs to do is imply release the handle for the tipper skip to be activated. Once this is done, the skip then rolls forward and empties the waste inside.

Finally, auto tipping skips are included in our wide range of skips. Auto-tipping simply means that when you angle the forklift blades down, gravity ensures that the skip will empty all of its components.

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If you require more information regarding our tipping skips and delivery times, do not hesitate to contact our expert sales team. They will be happy to help with any questions, queries or large orders you may have regarding handling & lifting equipment.