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At Workplace Products we offer a wide range of Order Picking Trolleys with attached steps. They are also known as Warehouse Trolleys or Ladder Trolleys.

They are used extensively in warehouses and distribution centres, ideal for safely picking and moving products ready for packing and dispatch to a customers. As such an integral part of warehouse logistics, we understand that a picking trolley needs to be reliable and durable.


Most of our picking trolleys come with attached steps to assist the user whilst handling stock. Two, three and four step configurations are available to help the user achieve their desired working height. Truck lengths and shelf quantities vary depending on your requirements and the type of items being handled in your workplace. Typically, these trolleys are anywhere between 800mm to 1300mm long making them ideal for all kind of picking and packing areas with small to medium sized items.


All our warehouse trolleys have steel frames but the shelf materials vary. These include mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, MFC or plastic shelves, each selected to compliment the trolley's purpose.

Each picking trolley is mounted on a quality set of castors. They rely on these to support the entire load and keep your trolley mobile. When you are pushing a trolley and picking stock all day, it needs to be as easy and comfortable as possible. Our order picking trolleys and their castors are designed to alleviate operator fatigue as much as possible.


We will always aim to meet your requirements as closely as possible. If we don't have a standard product for you we can work to develop a bespoke picking trolley. As we have our own manufacturing facility, we can offer our clients exact colour and size options to suit their needs. Call our sales team to arrange a visit to your site by one of our technical experts and find out what we can do for you.