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CoSHH Cabinets

Our range of hazardous substance cabinets and cupboard all meet CoSHH regulations. CoSHH stands for the control of substances hazardous to health. Our chemical storage cabinets provide a safe secure way to store hazardous substances. This is to help protect our health and the surrounding environment. On a day-to-day basis, many of us will use substances that can be hazards to health. Hazardous chemicals such as: bleach, cleaning products, oils and paints are common.

We offer a wide selection of hazardous storage cabinets in varying colours and sizes. These are to help cater to all environments. Whether you are a school, office, laboratory or distribution warehouse. It's vital safety measures are in place to meet CoSHH regulations. To make this easier each cabinet comes with clear identification labels. As well as an appropriate powder coated finish. The colour of the finish is specific to the nature of the products kept in the hazardous cupboard. Furthermore, this highlights the risk category of the hazardous cabinets contents.

CoSHH Cupboards for Hazardous Substances

Our CoSHH cupboards adhere to legal regulations. These include EN 13501-1 and A2-s2. They provide a safe and secure storage unit for your hazardous materials. Our range of hazardous storage cabinets are ideal for harmful substances. This is due to spill-retaining galvanised shelves. They direct any spills and leaks to the leak proof integrated liquid tight sump. This means that any potential harmful leaks pose a reduced health and safety risk. Our hazardous storage cupboards also have an optional floor stand. Our floor stands raise the height of the CoSHH cupboard by 500mm. Thus, enhancing accessibility. If a floor cabinet is not what you are looking for, do not worry. Our hazardous storage range also includes a wall mounted cupboard. Which comes complete with pre-drilled holes for wall mounting.

Flammable Storage Cabinets

The safe storage of flammable substances is a must under CoSHH regulations. Our flammable liquids cabinets provide safe storage for flammable dangerous substances. Our fire resistant cabinets help with the threat of combustion for flammable chemicals. The flammable storage cabinets have gone through rigorous tests. This is to ensure a safe and secure flammable cabinet in the event of fire. Thus ensuring they meet the Fire Classification EN 13501-1. Theses cabinets also feature the same as the CoSHH cabinets and Hazardous Cupboards. With adjustable spill-retaining shelves and an integral sump. This ensures spillage of dangerous materials stay within the leak proof flammable cupboard.

How do I care for my CoSHH Cabinet? 

As well as having a reliable hazardous storage solution. It's also crucial that employers conduct regular health and safety reviews. This helps to identify any new or extra risks in the workplace. The correct use and care of your CoSHH cabinet is very important for safe storage. These regular checks will keep the cabinet in great condition and last a long time. Ensure the CoSHH cupboard is in a well ventilated area that is sitting on a levelled floor. It's then important to check the cabinet is operational. Check that the doors close proper and the latch locks is working correct for secure storage. Harmful substances will collect in the liquid tight sump if spilt. It's important to clean up these spills as a priority. This then stops the build-up of harmful liquids, reducing the risks to health.

For any more information on our CoSHH range, please contact our friendly sales team. They will be more than happy to assist, contact us via live chat or on 0161 90650.