A whole range of lockers, ideal for providing your staff, customers and more with secure storage for their belongings.

Budget Lockers

Our range of budget lockers offer competitive prices whilst maintaining a high quality construction. They are the most cost effective solution for offering safe locker storage around your workplace. Although the cost is low we can still offer a full range of locker sizes, colours and locking options for lockers with a sturdy and reliable construction.

Standard Lockers

This section has the widest range of locker sizes, compartments, colours and locking options for you to choose from. Our most affordable and popular TUFF range are featured here, alongside more premium products which include security shelves, 3-point locking and other more secure features.

School Lockers

School lockers are ideal for providing storage to all age groups. The main difference between these lockers and our standard range is the height. Our lowest locker is 900mm in height which is ideal for use in primary schools. There are a few other sizes which are ideal for use in areas with a small amount of space.

Workwear Lockers

Maintenance and storage of workwear is vital, which is why it’s important to have appropriate lockers to store it in. PPE lockers are designed for staff to keep workwear in, split up with shelves to store clothing, hard hats, gloves and more. We also supply garment lockers, also known as clean and dirty lockers, used for both the disposal and collection of used clothing.

Personal Effects Lockers

Lockers consisting of small compartments, ideal for storing personal items including wallets, mobile phones, keys and more. Personal effects lockers are often found in test and exam areas or areas that require secure storage for a large amount of people. These lockers can accomodate between 8 and 40 people at a time.

Plastic Lockers

Plastic lockers are suitable for use in all areas. Place them indoors, outdoors and in wet areas without a problem. As they are made of a durable plastic they do not rust in areas with moisture like traditional metal lockers. When fitted with coin return or retain locks the become the perfect locker storage for public areas like swimming pools.

Wire Mesh Lockers

Mesh lockers are ideal for storing items including sports equipment and workwear. They offer both high visual security and exceptional air circulation. Visual security is improved as you can check on any stored items because they are still visible and the gaps in the mesh also help dry damp items efficiently. We offer both a standard locker design and personal effects style wire mesh lockers.

Specialist Lockers

Our other product ranges are more specialist lockers designed for specific needs. These often take the standard locker design and change it to suit the more specific needs of certain workplaces. These ranges include perforated doors, vision doors, Z lockers, cube lockers, charging lockers and more.

Look in these categories for the perfect storage solution for you workplace. Our sales team are available via live chat or over the phone to suggest which locker range will best suit the storage requirements of your workplace.