Canteen Furniture

Our canteen furniture range consists of a variety of different furniture options for a number of settings. The canteen furniture we offer not only looks top of the range but is also robust enough to take daily wear and tear due to it being manufactured from the highest quality materials. Our wide range of products involves canteen chairs, canteen tables, educational furniture and indoor and outdoor dining furniture. At Workplace Products we are aware that looking for canteen suppliers for large orders can be challenging. This is why we have created a range of canteen products with over 80% of them being manufactured in the UK.

Fast food canteen units

Firstly, one of our most popular ranges of canteen furniture is our fast food units. They are an economical choice of seating for breakout areas in a variety of different workplace industries. Environments such as office canteens and fast food establishments will benefit hugely from our standard fast food units. This is because they are very low maintenance. This means that they can last a very long time. Each fast food unit can be wiped down clean leaving no smear marks and are designed to be a flexible and affordable way to seat employees and customers comfortably.

School and education canteen furniture

Another popular range from our canteen furniture is our school and education sector. At Workplace Products we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality items to our customers. Our educational furniture is defiantly manufactured to ensure they last a long time! Although the price point is slightly high, the tables can seat up to 16 pupils and are extremely flexible. This means they are perfect for multi-use canteen areas as they are designed to be folded away in storage.

Dining furniture

The rest of our wide range includes canteen chairs, tables and dining sets. Our chairs come in a wide range of styles such as bar stools, plastic canteen chairs and cushioned seating. They can be used in environments such as meeting rooms, canteen areas and bar areas. Our canteen tables also come in a variety of different styles such as round tables, rectangular tables and square tables to suit every possible layout of a breakout area.

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All of our canteen furniture is designed to be used daily and to be a long lasting, affordable solution to kit out your dining areas. We also have a modern collection of dining sets. These are great for industries that require no hassle when choosing the right furniture for their workplace. For any large order enquiries do no hesitate to contact a member of our sales team to discuss site visits, large order discounts and more!