Safety & Security

We're well aware that after making large investments in business property and stock, you'll want to keep your assets as safe and secure as possible. We've assembled this fantastic range of products to help you keep your business safe and sound.

We have ranges of padlocks, safes and key cabinets that are quality made products and will help keep those important and valuable items out of harms way.

Our workplace safety products are second to none

We're hot on safety products and that's reflected in this category.  We have basics every business requires such as first aid kits and equipment to make sure staff get the basic treatments they may require by law.

Why not take a look at our extensive range of safety mirrors, each one designed for a specific environment and solution. We have standard circular and wide angle mirrors, plus hemisphere mirrors and fixing posts and arms to attach them to.

Our collection of outdoor safety equipment comprises of access ramps, barriers and floor marking tools to name a few. Each product designed to be hard working and hard wearing.

We also offer a collection of fire extinguishers for your office, warehouse or home.