Safety Barriers

Workplace safety has been at our core since 1974. For this reason we completely understand the importance of health and safety. Barrier systems are an important part of protecting both employees and the general public. The vast majority of our safety barriers can act as fencing. This is to segregate people from potential hazards. These include spillages, broken lifts, open manholes in the street, road works and construction sites. 

So, you may need a system to guide pedestrian traffic through areas. In these situations a sturdy crowd control barrier or system is the best option. These barriers are typically heavy duty and difficult to move. Meaning they are ideal as a more permanent barrier solution. You can also interlock these barrier system for more stability. Thus making them ideal for setting up in a warehouses, although they are also suited to outdoor use. Generally speaking, our customers use this type of barrier system for valuable machinery. As well as car parks and building sites. Constructing them to form temporary pedestrian walkways. That guide the public around a hazard, or to keep them out of a restricted access area.

Crash & Impact Protection

Our crash protection is one of our biggest barrier ranges. We have modular options that can customise. Thus suiting the requirements of each warehouse. The most common use for impact protection is to protect designated walkways. These could be in dangerous areas. They stop forklifts being able to go on these areas. Plus provide extra safety for employees and visitors. Our crash barriers also come in outdoor versions. These can protect people in outdoor areas like busy car parks. Our impact protection barriers come in component form. So you only need to buy what you need, saving time and money. This design makes it a lot easier to build runs of the barriers to protect larger areas and customise as needed.

Edge & Impact Protection

Edge and Impact Protection is available to protect the edges of areas. Such as workbenches and shelving. Plus as a way to protect machinery. It's used in warehouse and industrial environments. The cushioning provides extra protection. To stop object getting damaged or people from catching themselves. The bright yellow and black design makes them easy to spot and prevents injuries. They are a money saving and easy way to protect areas that could cause harm or damage.

Hoop Barriers

Our hoop barriers are ideal in any industrial or warehouse environment. They are an effective way of improving site safety. Normally they protect walkways and racking from damage. But they can also mark boundaries around the area. Hoop bollards bolt to the ground to hold them in place. So forklift or pallet trucks cant damage any equipment in that area. This can also stops injuries. As they can stop these vehicles from straying onto public walkways, to protect pedestrians. The high visibility black and yellow makes sure they can be seen and identified. Making the area a safer place.

Safety Barriers

The main purpose of safety barriers is to protect workers. Plus pedestrians from entering hazardous areas. The quick and easy design makes cordoning off hazards a simple step to ensure sites are as safe as possible. The pedestrian safety barriers can also work effective as of crowd control. So they are not only popular for building sites and warehouse. But also for events such as concerts and festivals. These are a cost effective way to protect staff and the public. Plus reduce the chance of accidents happening in the workplace.

Expanding Barrier

We have a wide range of expanding barriers to choose from. They can temporarily block of areas to ensure the safety of employees and the general public. They are very easy to use and transport making them a popular option for temporary needs. All our expandable barriers come in bright colours so they are highly visible. Alerting people there could be a hazard nearby. This reduces the potential risk of accidents happening. These also control crowds in places such as shopping centres and supermarkets. Making them a versatile option.

Arm Barriers

The arm barriers we offer allow controlled access to certain areas. By using an arm that swings either vertical or horizontal. Perfect for anyone trying to provide low maintenance controlled access. For vehicles to sites. Available in a variety of sizes to fit any areas needed. They use the high visibility red and white colours to make them seen by drivers. We offer standard ranges. As well as features like counterweights and gas assisted dampeners.

Queue Management

Queue Management are common used barriers such as chain posts, belt and rope. Most popular in areas that need help managing queues in busy environments. Some examples of theses are banks, retail, concerts. Along with any events that temporarily have large quantities of people queuing. These are a temporary light weight solution that are quick and easy to use. They are simple to attach together to make runs and are easy to move around to suit the layout you require.

For any further information about barriers. Please get in contact via live chat or calling us. We will help to find the correct solution for you!