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At Workplace products we have a wide range of different expanding barriers available. Our expandable safety barriers can be used as expandable temporary fence barriers. As they are simple to use and easy to transport. Expandable safety barriers are so popular in certain environments. Due to there ability to alert hazards and reduce the potential risk of accidents. They can also be at events for crowd control. Making them perfect for events, shopping centres and supermarkets. The extendable barriers come in bright colours such as yellow and red. To allow people to see hazards or where they should or shouldn't be.

Why choose Expanding barriers?

The expanding barrier systems range we offer is versatile. This is for ensuring the safety of employees and the general public. They are a simple and easy to use design that is effective in reducing the risks in that area. On construction sites the expandable barricades are effective for mapping out unauthorised areas. Resulting in people avoiding potential big accidents. The extendable safety barriers are flexible in width. Ideal for fencing off a variety of areas. Especially in the workplace and car parks. For example the Titan Expanding Barrier allows restricting traffic. All our expandable security barriers feature robust construction with light-weight materials. Making them the perfect choice for temporary use.

Titan Expanding Barrier

We have the titan expanding barrier available which is one of our most popular within the range. This allows to have a temporary barrier system, which can extend up to 3 metres. The barriers are only 1mtr high and 550mm wide when shut. This means they are easy to transport wherever required. They are also only 10.5kg, making these lightweight. Allowing for the carrying of them to the site needed and loaded onto a vehicle by hand. Even though the system is lightweight, they are still stable enough for busy public areas. Plus windy conditions with rough grounds.

A special feature these extending barriers have is the ability to connect to one another. This is a one of a kind design. It uses a unique clip system to quick and secure join them together if you need to form a longer run. Due to this unique clip system. These extendable safety barriers are compatible with the Titan Barricader. Plus the Citadel barrier system. The flexibility of these allows for a range of areas to fence off due to hazards. These include stations, car parks, foyers and forecourts. To match these different locations. 4 colours are available to suit the desired application.

Steel Expandable Barriers

As well as the standard expanding barriers we also have steel options available. These are heavy duty sturdy expandable safety barriers such as the Armorgard Barricade. Or the Steel Extending Isolation Barrier. These options are available in red and white for higher visibility in public areas. The steel barriers are suitable for temporary outdoor use. As the powder coating offers long durability. They are a Concertina design that allows for quick and easy deployment in areas needed. Meaning it's quick to isolate dangerous working areas quick with high visibility.

For further information about the expanding barriers. Or to see which would be best for the requirements you have. Contact our friendly sales team, they are available via web chat, call or email.