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Which Hoop Barriers will be best for you?

At Workplace Products we have a wide range of hoop barriers. To cater to any warehouse or industrial environment. Hoop Bollards are an effective way of improving site safety. Protecting walkways and racking from damage. They can also mark boundaries. Most of the hoop barriers in this section can bolt to the ground to ensure they are securely held in place. When attached to the ground they can stop forklift and pallet trucks. Even from damaging racking or straying onto public walkways.

They are available in a variety of lengths to suit the needs of your workplace. There are also two configurations displayed. Allowing you to choose between a straight hoop or a corner protector. Most of the steel hoop barriers in this section use high visibility colour schemes. Such as yellow and black. This is to make them an effective visual sign of a potential hazard or area which is off limits. We also have hooped perimeter barriers available in other colours. More suited to public areas such as retail parks rather than factories or warehouses. As well as these, we have stainless steel hoop barriers which are good for securing large areas. Plus restricting vehicle access at entrances and exits.

Heavy Duty Protection Barriers

Heavy duty protection barriers are a option for warehouses with a lot of traffic. Plus heavy machinery. The barriers protect vulnerable corners, columns and equipment. These are a permanent solution as they can either be surface mounted using fixing bolts. Or they can concrete into the ground. We offer our standard sizes or special sizes at request to suit your requirements. We can also do two different finish options, these are for internal and external uses. The internal yellow option is plastic coated with black stripes. Whereas the external option is hot dip galvanised. And yellow plastic coated with black stripes.

Removable Protection Barriers

We can also supply you with barriers that are removable. These are ideal in workplaces. Where areas do not need to block off at all times and do not need the hoops in all the time. The hoop barriers remove with ease and put back in place quick when needed. The barrier has a special design base plate to allow for this quick removal. The hoop bollards are strong protection guards which are from high grade steel. Also suitable for protecting areas that high risk of damage. Due to the guard being easy to replace. In a busy environment, these are great due to the quick uninstall and reinstallation. These are great for temporary protecting areas of equipment. Portable equipment and equipment that requires access or removable on occasional.

For advice on the best hoop barrier protection for your workplace get in touch with our sales team. Use the live chat or call us to get advice or a quote right away.