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Shelving Systems

TUFF Shelving

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Explore our wide range of inexpensive shelving systems from Workplace Products.

At Workplace Products we work hard to ensure we are able offer a comprehensive range of shelving systems from a variety of different shelving manufacturers. This therefore means we are able to build a diverse catalog of products. To accommodate a variety of uses. Which ranges from bulk storage racks and new pallet racking, to heavy duty and rolling shelving systems.

Consequently, you might be thinking, how many different types of shelving are there?. Subsequently, there is no definitive answer, as shelving has many uses and for multiple purposes. Here is a list of the most popular shelving types we offer:


These are typically heavy duty shelving systems which typically benefit from a boltless design for quick assembly. Commonly made with adjustable shelf levels for practicality. Meaning it will deliver heavy duty storage that will be long lasting and reliable.


Aesthetically pleasing storage shelves for office use. Available in different colours and finishes, to help you maintain that professional business image.


Chrome wire shelving is normally smooth to touch and very hard wearing, with a modern and stylish finish. Wire shelving systems are ideal for use in the home, office or as retail display units. The open wire shelves offer good light distribution on the items displayed and stored upon them. In additional to this, we quite often see our chrome wire shelving being used for laundry or kitchen storage. Serving as a clean, clear and well ventilated area, which is ideal for crockery, pots & pans in addition to dry foods and tins.

Furthermore, if you decide on selecting chrome shelving for your office or shop, It would create a contemporary style. As well as providing a practical and long lasting storage solution.


One of the most popular shelving types we sell. The terms Longspan shelving and Widespan Shelving are synonymous. Normally, these are boltless shelving systems which comprise of uprights and beams. Available in a variety of widths and heights, with a choice of chipboard, mesh or steel decking, Chipboard shelves are commonly used for dry stores, steel  shelves for liquids and mesh for ventilation of goods as well as to give sprinkler access, for safety.


Galvanised shelving is a popular choice for achieving practical storage but with an industrial style thanks to it's tough, bright and long lasting finish. Benefiting from rust resistant properties due to the zinc coating applied during production. This therefore gives galvanised shelving a big advantage over other types of shelving system. Galvanised shelves are ideal in environments which usually have abnormal conditions, such as damp or humid areas where condensation might be an issue. These are usually walk in fridges and freezers in grocery and medical stores, for example.


Archive shelving systems are designed to hold a large number of storage or archive boxes for long periods of time. Generally designed to withstand loads of 500kg (uniformly distributed) per shelf and available in a range  heights, width and depths; for double depth box storage in multi tiers (if required). Featuring open bays for easy access, allowing you to change the contents of or replace any archive boxes which may become damaged over time.

So now you have an insight into different shelving systems and their benefits you should be a bit more equipped to make the right decision on your purchase. However, if at any point you need some help with choosing and ordering your new shelving then get in touch with our dedicated sales team. Who will be happy to help you design your own bespoke shelving system, or arrange for a site visit and no obligation quote.