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E4 Modular Shelving

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Planning the storage layout of E4 Modular Shelving

Front view and footprint


Nominal Height* H

Nominal Width* W

Nominal Depth* D

Clear Entry CE


Total Width - Starter Bay TWST (TWST=W+42mm)

Total Width - Extension Bay TWEX (TWEX=W+6mm)

Centre Width CW (CW=W+6mm)

Total Depth TD (TD=D+20mm)

* Dimensions used in price tables

Shelf pitch

A. Minimum first shelf level height (Clip in first hole)

B. Shelf pitch - Distance between shelves

C. Clear entry - useable space between shelf levels

D. Shelf thickness (30mm)

*If using metal feet and/or a plinth, the minimum shelf level height
  is 76mm as the shelf clip is attached in the 2nd hole

E4 Shelving Bay Load Capacities (kgs)

How to calculate exact Shelf Pitch (B)

Height of item stored + Shelf Thickness divided by 25 = Round decimal up to the next whole number and multiply by 25


357mm (Height of stored items) + 30mm (Shelf Thickness) / 25 = 15.48 rounded up to 16 x 25 = 400mm Shelf Pitch

Planning and installation, full project service, Live Chat to request a site visit!

E4 is the complete industrial shelving solution for your needs. Reliable, versatile and offers exactly the right kinds of storage. It is an integrated system that couples traditional warehouse shelving with innovative storage options. It's reliable. The idea for E4 modular shelving was first turned into a product 23 years ago and has since been a market leader in terms of price and quality.

It's all steel construction means it can take bay loads of up to 2500kgs!

E4 boltless modular shelving system is "the system of choice" offering the widest range of sizes and accessories on the market. This modular shelving offers designers and specifiers a solution to meet any design brief, whether its a few bays for the office, a multi-tier system or high bay project for the warehouse. The ease of E4 installation and simple adjustment comes from the unique friction steel clip which simply connects the robust shelf design to the profiles upright. It now boasts one of the largest selection of modular capacities and sizes. Accessories include louvre back panels, roll out shelves and even cupboard doors! Check out the accessories below now (they are all epoxy powder coat finish to a high standard).

The starter bay could be normal shelving, the bay next to it could be document storage and the bay next to that could store car tyres!