Galvanised Shelving

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Galvanised shelving is the ideal storage solution for damp or humid environments where the risk of rusting is eminent.

Galvanised steel simply means the zinc coating finish protects the metal, making it corrosion resistant. Therefore, galvanised shelving is a more durable product that can withstand the test of demanding environments.

Corrosion-resistant galvanised steel

Galvanised shelving is essential for environments prone to condensation such as medicinal storerooms, food storage and greenhouses. As the shelving is rust resistant, this makes it inherently more hygienic and easier to keep clean. Furthermore, all our galvanised shelving range is manufactured with reinforced steel. Ensuring its maximum strength, durability and ability to hold heavier load capacities compared to other shelving.

Quality shelving with load capacities up to 400kg per shelf

Our range of galvanised shelving covers basic shelving to more specialised shelving with mesh backs or hook-in backs. If you are looking for basic galvanised shelving our E3 Galvanised Modular Shelving is ideal for most storage requirements. This shelving is designed to be simply assembled without the need for nuts or bolts. With a massive range of heights, widths and depths available, this shelving can be easily configured to meet your individual needs.

If the shelving is needed for food storage, we stock galvanised shelving bays with back cladding in order to prevent items falling behind the shelving and maintain a hygienic environment.