Space Warmer Wheeled Heaters

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  • Item 540178 (Model AB1008)
    • Heat output: 100,000Btu/hr
    • Fuel tank capacity: 38 ltr
    • Max run time per filling: 11 hours
    • Heated area: 20,000 ft3 / 566 m3
    • Weight: 24.5kg


  • Item 540179 (Model AB1258)
    • Heat output: 125,000Btu/hr
    • Fuel tank capacity: 38 ltr
    • Max run time per filling: 10 hours
    • Heated area: 24,800 ft3 / 702 m3
    • Weight: 24.5kg


  • Item 5401710 (Model AB1758)
    • Heat output: 175,000Btu/hr
    • Fuel tank capacity: 49 ltr
    • Max run time per filling: 9.5 hours
    • Heated area: 34,400 ft3 / 974 m3
    • Weight: 27.7kg


  • Item 5401711 (Model AB2158)
    • Heat output: 215,000Btu/hr
    • Fuel tank capacity: 49 ltr
    • Max run time per filling: 8 hours
    • Heated area: 42,400 ft3 / 1200 m3
    • Weight: 29kg


  • Clean burning
  • Proven pump system can operate with either paraffin, kerosene or diesel
  • Fitted with safety cut-out
  • Complies with rigorous standards



Space Warmer Heater - 100,000 Btu/hr with wheels
Space Warmer Heater - 125,000 Btu/hr with wheels
Space Warmer Heater - 175,000 Btu/hr with wheels
Space Warmer Heater - 215,000 Btu/hr with wheels

The Sealey AB heaters will operate on either. Diesel however does not burn as cleanly. A specially designed burner head in a stainless steel combustion chamber ensures a more thorough burn of fuel which means greater fuel economy and maximum heating effect. The compressor unit is protected by extra large filter. The AB Series heaters will operate for between 8 and 14 hours on a single fill of fuel. The AB Series heaters are fitted with a flame-out device which cuts the fuel supply when the flame is inadvertently extinguished. Manufactured to comply with the rigorous standards. Built to survive life in any environment, no matter how demanding. Full spares back up for all models.

540178Heated Area: 20,000ft_
540179Heated Area: 24,800ft_
5401710Heated Area: 34,400ft_
5401711Heated Area: 42,400ft_


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