We have the best type of industrial workbenches for your business. Here at Workplace Products, our history and expertise in workbenches goes back decades. We are one of the biggest suppliers of workplace equipment and have built a portfolio of thousands of satisfied customers over our years in the business. We have a huge selection of workbenches readily available to suit any requirements, for garages and small workshops to industrial warehouses. Ranging from Budget and Heavy-Duty workbenches to Industrial and traditional wooden workbenches. As industry specialists, we make sure to deliver a professional planning and installation service for any purchase to ensure all of our customers receive the ideal workbench for their business.

A range of high-quality and affordable workbenches ideal for any requirements

All our workbenches are premium, durable products which have been built to last. From our Budget Workbenches all the way up to our highest specification benches, we guarantee to have products to meet any industrial or commercial requirements. No matter how specific.

For example, our TUFF Budget Workbenches are ideal for warehouses, garages and factories. They are high-quality and cost-effective. They also have the added feature of an easy, boltless, 15 minute assembly. All of our TUFF Workbenches range are known for their tough construction and durability, a common trait you’ll find across all our products.

Our best-selling Euroslide Modular Workbenches are designed by engineers for engineers, and are well-known for their versatile and robust nature. They allow the user to create a bespoke storage system for tools or parts, making the perfect working space to suit them.

At the other end of specification, we have quality benches for the more precise applications such as heavy-duty workbenches for industrial working. We even provide a range of packing benches, essential for any dispatch and packaging service.

You will find all the compatible accessories on each product page to make buying an easy process. All of the lengths, widths and depths have been highlighted in the specifications tables so you can check everything fits!

Expertise in workbenches

At Workplace Products, you can be assured that all our workbenches are of the highest-quality and can be configured to meet any of your requirements.

The first, most important piece of advice when choosing a workbench is to think hard about what you need from one. Think about what the working day at your business includes. Potentially weigh your products to find the strength needed to mount a work piece safely. If the frame is inadequate for your industry, you risk endangering your employees.

Need any help creating the ideal workbench for your business? Get in touch with us through live chat, email or over the phone for information, planning, buying and installation advice. We can look at what the best product will be for your requirements and do all the hard work for you!