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Anti-Static ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Workbenches

ESD Workbenches are robust steel frame benches with static dissipative features, most notably work surfaces made of Neostat or Lamstat materials. Norastat is a grey synthetic rubber that disallows static electricity to transfer from the user to the electronic component. Lamstat has the same static dissipative properties as Norastat except the worktop is made from grey plastic laminate.

To make these ESD workbenches totally static free the user needs to be earthed. This is achieved by purchasing a wrist strap which is attached to the framework of the workbench. This guides electricity to the frame rather than the worktop and the work piece. The idea is to take the electricity produced by the body and safely divert and guide it to a normal 3-pin socket through a Earth / Ground lead.

These workbenches are specially designed for use in EPA (Electrostatic Protected Areas).

ESD Workbenches are available with a cantilever frame. Cantilever frames do not have vertical legs at the front of the bench. They have a framework with large feet that extend from the back to the front of the bench. The heavy duty steel construction keeps the overall frame rigid. The benefit of this is that less metal is facing the user during their work and gives maximum leg room.

The other benefit of cantilever legs is that there is more space at the front of the bench. This means a user can operate unimpeded and has more room for under desk storage. The user also has easy access to the back of the bench at all times if required.

Main benefits of anti-static workbenches

Electronics and other products that require the exclusion of static electricity will not be effected when assembled on an ESD workbench.

You will save money and productivity will go up because the anti-static accessories create a safe electrostatic discharge.

This can only mean positive things for your business production line, especially for CCA (Circuit Card Assembly).

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