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When it comes to engineering and manufacturing you won't find a more comprehensive range of heavy duty workbenches anywhere else. Does your business require a workbench that can safely support heavier materials during assembly and quality inspection? These Heavy Duty Workbenches strong enough to withstand the most demanding environments

Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium (and many other materials) need a solid base when carrying out precision finishing processes. If your workbench wobbles or leans, welding, taking measurements and shaping materials will not be accurate.

With our Heavy Duty Workbenches, you get a reliable and affordable piece of kit that do not compromise on quality.

Please remember cheap or low load capacity workbenches are not suitable for heavy duty use. The framework is often not thick enough and could buckle under the weight of a heavy object. Not only could you ruin the work piece if it falls, you could also cause serious harm to yourself and others. You should always read the maximum capacity of a workbench and never exceed it. Safety in the workplace should be adhered to at all times.

So what are the characteristics of a solid Heavy Duty Workbench?

A professional heavy duty workbench can withstand more intense usage than standard duty options, here's why:

1) They typically have thicker worktops and thicker steel legs than their lighter duty cousins (individual product pages will explore in more in depth the specific gauge of steel used)
2) Accessories are built to a heavy duty specification to cope with the rigours of a manufacturing environment
3) Heavy Duty Workbenches often come with thick solid steel worktops and are easily integrated into assembly lines
4) It is easy to safely move heavy work pieces from the worktop onto a scissor lift table as a solid base that will not budge

Configure your Heavy Duty Workbenches with the accessories you want

We have included related products at the bottom of each product page in this section. This includes above and below bench accessories for you to easily choose and add to your basket.

Need some help deciding what accessories would be best for your business? Get in touch with one of our experienced team members on live chat today.

Our manufacturing heritage

At Workplace Products, we celebrate the importance and the added value that quality and sustainable UK manufacturing brings to your business.

Since 1972, we have manufactured or sourced heavy duty workbenches that suit startup businesses, middle weight businesses and large industrial corporations.

If you can’t find what you are looking for please let us know as we would love the opportunity to find it for you.

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