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Before you buy our Industrial Workbenches first ask yourself a few questions: 1) What job(s) will it be used for? 2) What potential hazards are there in your workshop? 3) Are you unwilling to move away from traditional solid wood workbenches? 4) Are you willing to break away from tradition? Tip: it would help you immeasurably if you did.

1) Industrial Workbenches are heavy and rugged - just the job

When your company creates heavier products the right workbench for the job at hand is a must. A heavier workbench will not 'wander' when under the forces created by plaining from side to side or holding larger metal work pieces securely in place. The lower working height options are best for working Heavier jobs. The lower centre of gravity increases stability. A lower bench allows the user to position their body mass over the work piece to use all of their power for extra purchase on the work piece. Each is fitted with heavy duty ant-slip feet. A general rule of thumb is that if you are right handed you should position a vice on the front left side of the bench top. This is because a right handed person will usually move a plain or similar tool from left to right. This means that if you are left handed mount the vice on the front right. Taller workbenches should be considered if you wan to use it for joinery or detailed work. If you try to carry out detailed work on a low workbench it will lead to stooping and back problems. When you contact us we will take all of this into account (dependant on your individual needs).

2) Arrange your workshop in an ergonomic way to promote best practices

Industrial workbenches are large, heavy tools so firstly check that your flooring can take the combined weight of the workbenches and heaviest work pieces. By purchasing a big workbench the extra sturdy framework and expert welding will ensure that the frame will not become loose. That is a common problem for lighter duty bolted versions that are abused. So with an industrial welded workbench you and your employees don't have to worry about the frame wobbling. A safe and secure environment allows you to focus on the job at hand rather than potential health and safety issues.

The environment around the bench is equally as important as the bench itself. As they are larger you need to make sure that you have the correct clearance for manoeuvring heavy workpieces into place, then to carry out work in a safe way.

Lighting is also important so position your workbenches where natural light shines on the worktop. If this is not possible the correct above lighting must be used. If left unchecked the user will have eye strain and the precision of the build will suffer.

3) Don't hold on to that romantic vision of solid wooden workbenches

It is a common misconception that you can't do better than a wooden workbench. This is a myth. Our modern products are specially designed to carry out traditional and modern methods to create products. Get in touch and we'll prove the quality and ergonomic characteristics on offer. Wooden workbenches are glued and dropped into place. This structure will not last long against heavy abuse. Therefore welded framework is the answer. Another downside of wooden workbenches is that a single wide thick plank of dried wood will wear out over time (gouging or splitting if abused). They are great in the correct environment but a wooden workbench simply will not be up to the rigours of industrial heavy use.

4) The possibilities for growth are right around the corner

You may think that purchasing an industrial workbench is over the top. In fact it is better to buy a rugged workbench at the start. You never know, a large job may be just around the corner for you. If you have a strong bench that can take the heavier use at the start of your production you will not have to update your business as often which will save you many man hours and thousands of Euros.

Why Workplace Products is the right decision for your business

Workplace Products are a major industrial workbench manufacturer and we adhere strictly to industry standards. You can be assured that our industrial products are of the highest quality and finish. We are based in the UK and are on-hand for advice via live chat during business hours. You can purchase online 24/7 if you already know what you need. We have been in business over 45 years and are committed to providing all our customers with the very best products and service experience.

Our design engineers are second to none and are constantly looking to improve our manufactured products. If you have a technical question they will work with you to make sure we deliver on quality, cost and on time.

Workplace Products Industrial Workbenches are well established in the marketplace. A much loved and versatile range that contribute quality and longevity to hundreds of companies in UK industry. If it is your first purchase or if you are a beloved repeat customer of many years, we are geared up to go beyond your expectations and deliver the best work spaces you will find anywhere in Ireland.