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This category covers a wide range of Workstations for team leaders, engineers and for use as computer terminals.. These combined workstations have room for a computer monitor on top and a tower underneath. There are options that allow a free standing monitor on an open table top or a fully enclosed version behind a lockable cabinet.

There is also scope with some models to house a printer due to a pull out shelf.

Another useful range of products are the workstations with integrated tool cabinets. These are perfect for warehouse and garage applications.

Team Leader Workstations

There are many workstations available on the market today, however no range is as versatile and competitively priced as our new Team Leader Workstations. A fully configurable product that is ideal for meeting areas in Industrial Applications to discuss on-going plans.

The compact design of the workstations allows for inclusion into tight factory workspaces where space is at a premium

When using a workstation you can stand up to improve your health or use an industrial stool.

Within you will also find 'build your own Workstation' options. Perhaps the best way to buy workstations for your business. You can pick from a wide variety of accessories such as drawer and cupboard units, louvre panels and upper shelves. In this range each worktop is available in 4 worktop colours. There are also 3 cupboard and drawer colours to choose from. Mix and match to your specifications to produce the ideal workstation set up for your workplace.

To configure your own workstation 'click' on 'Team Leader Build Your Own Workstation' main category. In this area of the website you will see 3 easy to understand categories.

1: The first one is called 'Workstation Only'. This is where you will choose the desired colour and style of your workstation (Flat or Sloping Top).

2: The second category is called 'Below Workstation Accessories'. This is where you will choose your desired Drawer or Cupboard configuration.

3: The third category is called 'Above Workstation Accessories'. This is where you can choose louvre panels, tool panels and overhead shelving etc.